Propane Plant Explodes in "Humongous" Fireball – Gawker

At least 15 people went missing after a series of explosions Monday night at a propane gas plant in Tavares, Florida. A Lake County Sheriff's Office spokesman initially said “a lot” of people were believed to have been killed, but all 15 missing workers were eventually found alive, though seven were injured.
"[I]t was just boom after boom after boom," nearby resident Mimi Whitehead said.
Residents living within one mile of the plant were evacuated after the explosions, which continued for hours after the initial blast.

5 airlifted and 1 taken to hospital by ground after #BlueRhino propane plant explosions in #Tavares. Live coverage:
UPDATE: 2:00 am: All 15 of the workers at the plant have been found. Seven people were injured in the blast, three of them critically. No fatalities have been reported. The fire is now under control, though authorities noted more explosions were possible.

ALL employees have been accounted for, Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Herrell confirms. #BlueRhinoExplosion
[Image via Tyler Mackenzie Photography]


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