Four Flammable And Explosive Refrigerants, Be Careful Whilst Purchasing And The Usage Of Them

The refrigerant, also known as the refrigeration operating fluid, is the operating medium of the refrigeration cycle. It makes use of the segment exchange of the refrigerant to transfer warmth. The refrigerant absorbs heat when it vaporizes within the evaporator and releases warmness whilst it condenses in the condenser. At gift, there are extra than eighty forms of materials that may be used as refrigerants, and the extra usually used ones are ammonia, freons, water and a few hydrocarbons. The following four flammable and explosive refrigerants ought to be used and purchased carefully.

1. R32 refrigerant R32, additionally called difluoromethane, carbon difluoride, is colorless , Odorless, protection level is A2. R32 is a Freon replacement with first rate thermodynamic properties. It has the traits of low boiling factor, low vapor stress and pressure, large refrigeration coefficient, 0 ozone loss price, small greenhouse impact coefficient, combustible and explosive. The combustion restriction within the air is 15%~31%, and it will burn and explode in case of an open flame. R32 has a low viscosity coefficient and a excessive thermal conductivity. Although R32 has many advantages, R32 is a flammable and explosive refrigerant. The installation and renovation of air-conditioning is inherently dangerous. Now coupled with the unsure elements of R32, safety issues must be taken into consideration. The set up and welding of R32 refrigeration equipment have to be vacuumed. 2. R290 refrigerant R290 (propane) is a brand new type of environmentally pleasant refrigerant, particularly utilized in primary air conditioners, warmth pump air conditioners, family air conditioners and other small refrigeration system. As a hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290 has an ODP fee of zero and a GWP value of much less than 20. Compared with common refrigerants, R290 has apparent environmental benefits, as proven underneath: R22 refrigerant destroys the ozone layer at zero.1/2, and the global warming coefficient is 1700; R404a The destruction of the ozone layer by means of refrigerant is zero, and the worldwide warming coefficient is 4540; The destruction of the ozone layer by means of R410A refrigerant is 0, and the worldwide warming coefficient is 2340; The destruction of the ozone layer via R134a refrigerant is zero, and the worldwide warming coefficient is 1600; R290 refrigerant The destruction of the ozone layer is zero, and the worldwide warming coefficient is three.

In addition, R290 refrigerant has the traits of extra latent warmth of evaporation, appropriate fluidity, and power saving. However, due to its flammable and explosive characteristics, the amount of infusion is restrained, and the safety stage is A3. Use R290 refrigerant to vacuum and prohibit open flames, because the mixture of air (oxygen) can shape explosive combos, and there may be a risk of burning and explosion while encountering warmness sources and open flames.

3. R600a refrigerant R600a isobutane, a new form of hydrocarbon refrigerant with incredible performance, is derived from natural elements, does now not damage the ozone layer, has no greenhouse impact, and is inexperienced Environmental safety. Its traits are big latent warmness of evaporation and sturdy cooling capability; exact glide overall performance, low conveying pressure, low power intake, and sluggish upward push of load temperature. Compatible with numerous compressor lubricants. It is a drab gas at normal temperature and a drab and transparent liquid below its very own strain. R600a is especially used to replace R12 refrigerant, and is now generally used in family fridge system. The explosion limit volume of R600a refrigerant is 1.9% to eight.four%, and the protection level is A3. It can shape an explosive combination when combined with air. It may burn and explode whilst exposed to warmness resources and open flames. It reacts violently with oxidants. Its vapor is heavier than air. The lower component spreads to a full-size distance, and it’s going to ignite while it encounters a fireplace source. four. R717 (ammonia) refrigerant Finally, allow’s communicate about R717 (ammonia) refrigerant. Ammonia is greater risky than the above three refrigerants. It belongs to a toxic medium and has a second level of toxicity. When the volumetric attention of ammonia vapor within the air reaches 0.five to 0.6%, human beings may be poisoned by means of staying in it for half of an hour. The nature of ammonia determines that the operation and protection of the ammonia gadget should be regulated, and the refrigerating employees have to take note of it. Previously, our Refrigeration Encyclopedia public account has issued a training guide on the usage of ammonia refrigerant and precautions, and pals who are involved can study it. Ammonia is a medium-temperature refrigerant. Pure ammonia has no unfavorable impact on lubricating oil, but while there is moisture, it’s going to lessen the lubricating impact of the refrigerating oil. Copper and copper alloys are not used for pipes and valves within the ammonia refrigeration gadget. The blessings of ammonia as a refrigerant are: clean availability, low charge, slight stress, massive unit refrigeration potential, excessive heat launch coefficient, almost insoluble in oil, low go with the flow resistance, clean to locate while leaking, does now not damage the ozone layer, and has no greenhouse impact. Its hazards are: pungent scent, poisonous, flamable and explosive, and corrosive to copper and copper alloys. When the extent of ammonia vapor within the air reaches zero.5-zero.6%, it can reason an explosion. Therefore, the awareness of ammonia inside the air within the gadget room should no longer exceed zero.02 mg/L. Ammonia is a flammable gasoline at room temperature with an explosion limit of sixteen% to twenty-five%, the most effortlessly ignitable awareness is 17%, and the concentration while the maximum explosion strain is generated is 22.five%.

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