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Below you may locate data on injuries concerning flamable (explosive) dust. The statistics published within the file “2017 Combustible Dust Incident Report – Version #1” refers to the incidents of 2017. They show that the best chance of an coincidence concerning flamable dust is associated with the processing or storage of wooden and explos info meals dusts (inclusive of feed and different animal meals). A aspect growing the risk of such an coincidence is gadget and apparatus for dirt extraction, garage and handling (feeders and conveyors).

Incidents regarding combustible dirt

Wood dusts and dusts of merchandise used inside the meals industry account for the most important wide variety of all the accidents recorded (sixty two% of all incidents in total). This group consists of timber dust, timber dirt infected with chemical compounds (OSB, MDF, and so on.), sugar dust, cereal dirt and cocoa.

Number of incidents by way of enterprise

Taking those information into consideration, it isn’t always surprising that incidents with flammable dusts occur most usually in woodworking industries and the meals industry in preferred. It have to be cited that there are not any industries on this diagram in which the chance of an twist of fate related to flamable dirt is lower, however the ability outcomes of the incident can be catastrophic. An example of such an industry is definitely the strength industry – strength flowers and combined warmness and electricity plants.

Number of incidents through type of system

In terms of equipment, the very best wide variety of incidents involving flamable dirt happens in dirt extraction systems (dirt filters and cyclones) and in garage silos (a total of 30% of all incidents). Taking other types of storage under consideration, it’s miles determined that 38% of all incidents occurs at some stage in garage or dust extraction. Another essential group of devices are diverse kinds of elevators and conveyors (10% of all incidents). In this group, bucket elevators and conveyor belts should take delivery of special attention.

The results of the document are in keeping with our many years of revel in. Accidents with combustible and consequently explosive dust are maximum commonplace within the woodworking and meals industries, including the production of animal feed (sixty two% of accidents in overall). At this factor, it have to be emphasized that the outcomes supplied above are of a quantitative nature and do no longer recollect the scale of events. This means that the file does no longer don’t forget industries in which ignitions of combustible dust are particularly rare, but their effects can be catastrophic. An example of such an enterprise is the power industry (the explosions in Turów and Dolna Odra strength vegetation). Therefore, such statistics have to be analysed with a positive degree of warning, as a way to save you www.myDustExplosionResearch.com/2017-Report

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