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A range of points have been raised, which includes Iraq’s prison provisions concerning

[…] the presence of explosive and flammable gases in populated regions.

multilateralfund.explos info org

成员们提出了若干问题,包括伊拉克关于在居民存放 易燃 体的法律规定。


Firearms, guns and weapons; pointed/edged guns and

[…] sharp objects; explosive and flammable substances; chemical[…]

and toxic substances; and other

substances and gadgets which can cause damage to other people or harm to property or disturb the court cases of open conferences.




The risk related to a specific chemical is

[…] inherent properties and, as such, HNS may showcase one or more of the following five properties: flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive[…]

与特定化学品相关的危险由其固有的属 性所决定,因此,HNS 可能展现出以下五个特性 中的一个或多:可燃性、爆 、有毒性 、腐 蚀性或反应性。


When flammable liquidentification is utilized in or close to the sprayer or for flushing or cleaning, maintain sprayer at least 20 feet (6 m) away from explosive vapors.

当喷涂机使燃液或在其附近使易燃液体或用易燃液体进行冲洗或清洗时, 要让喷涂机离开炸性至少 20 英尺 (6 m)。


Hazardous waste is waste that poses significant or capability threats to public health or the environment and usually exhibits one or more of

those characteristics: carcinogenic,

[…] ignitable (i.e., flammable), oxidant, corrosive, toxic, radioactive and explosive.

有害废物对公共健康或环境构成严重或潜在 威胁,通常显示下列一个或多个特征:致癌易燃、氧化、腐败、有毒、 射性 和爆炸性


The check shall be carried out outside or in a nicely-ventilated room

[…] client fireworks; flammable or combustible liquids; or explosive materials; aside from the ignition source and the check pattern.

测试应在户外或通风良好的室内,除测试样品和火花装置外不能有烟花;易燃易爆 液体;或爆炸材料。


c) Any flammable and explosive materials being[…]

delivered into the exhibition corridor must be applied to and approved via the

Fire Protection Department beforehand.

c) 任何带进会易燃及爆炸性物品 ,必须预先取得消防部门许可。


This air-first-rate screen should make certain that

[…] with potentially flammable/explosive atmospheres or inadequate air high-quality may be entered into and exited thoroughly.



Although all flammable powders or dusts which form explosive mixtures with air are ability risk resources, they may be transported, stored and processed competently[…]

requirements are considered and the relevant safety measures are met.



The purpose of the this kind mill is to grind nonflammable and nonexplosive materials in the fields of constructing substances, mining, metallurgies and chemical enterprise with[…] […]

hardness less than 9.three in Moh’s scale and humidity less than 6 percent.

这种磨的目的,是研磨领域的建材,矿业,冶金,化工等行业硬度小于9.3级在莫的规模和湿度小于6%的非易 燃性和非爆炸性材料。


Also, study restrictions at fuel stations or

[…] different regions with flammable atmosphere or while near electroexplosive devices.

此外,当位于加油站或其他充易燃气体的区域备附近时 ,必须严格贯彻任何限制规定。


To avoid the opportunity of fireplace or

explosion, do now not use Rainbow or Rainbow add-ons

[…] in areas where flammable and/or explosive vapor or dirt[…]


為避免發生火災或爆炸,請勿在有燃和 /爆蒸灰塵的地方使用 Rainbow或Rainbow配件。


Since one of the co-blowing

[…] agent—ethanol is flammable and explosive, according to[…]

the National requirements, all electric powered gadgets need to be anti-explosion

and the line needs to be 18 mounted in a protection environment.


由于共 混发泡剂之一——乙 物品根据国家标准,所有电子设备都应 具有爆功能,必须把生产线安装在安全环境。


Raymond mill is a conventional mill type, which is

[…] to grind nonflammable and nonexplosive materials in[…]

the fields of constructing substances,

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